Thanks for visiting us.
Our GOD is so Amazing! Yet, amazing does not come close to describe our GOD. We continue to pray for you and yours as the Holy Spirit works through us to change lives and reshape futures for Jesus Christ. We open our doors to all because we have more than enough love to share with you. Whether you visit us on line or at 1205 Roberts Avenue, we share GOD’s love with you and pray GOD’s richest blessings for you and yours. You have value to God. You are blessed to be a blessing. Remember that the BEST Is Yet to Come. As you visit this website, we pray that something wonderful and even miraculous happens for you. God knows that you have needs and God can answer those needs according to His will. Whether your need is physical, financial, mental, emotional or relational, ultimately, God wants to be closer to you. We pray that your journey leads you closer to Jesus Christ.
Love to You, Pastor Rodney and 1st Lady Ava Graves

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