McCabe Roberts Avenue United Methodist Church

"Reaching Our Children for the Kingdom"

   Dear Parents:

     We are so happy to have the opportunity to minister to you and your precious child.  From the very beginning, McCabe Roberts Avenue (MCRA) United Methodist Church has especially loved children.  Now we're demonstrating that again with the construction of our new Children's Church and Nursery (2011).  As you can see in the pictures below, we want to teach your child spiritual discipline as they stretch and grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

     It is our mission to lovingly serve you and your family, and we hope to accomplish that by encouraging you as you parent your child.  Thank you for letting us have the privilege of walking alongside you and loving your child.  Please don't hesitate to call on us if we can be of assistance to you.

Our Purpose

MCRA sees children as gifts from God; MCRA understands that children, like the rest of humanity, need the Gospel.   The Gospel allows children to grow in grace and use their spiritual gifts for the glory of God.

Therefore, the ministry seeks to:

* Guide our children to Christ and inspire them to live gospel centered lives.

* Reveal the character and attributes of God and His plan for human mankind through Scripture-based, age-appropriate programs.

* Affirm the uniqueness and giftedness of each child as created in the image of God.

* Create significant, lasting relationships with children, teachers, and families.

* Encourage our children to serve and renew their communities through the knowledge and application of the Gospel.


Love in Christ,

Kellie Lanier, Coordinator of Children's Ministries


Sunday School

Children 2 through 15 years of age, have an excellent Sunday school program.  Each week a group of dedicated adults provide a warm, loving environment where children experience the love of God and learn to interact with each other using a wonderful curriculum entitled "Rock Solid, Building a Heart of Faith." 

There is a nursery for children under two years of age. Our nursery is under reconstruction and will be available 2011.


Children's Church

Children are encouraged to attend worship services with their parents.  However, children ages 3 through 5th grade are invited to attend Children's Church every 3rd Sunday at 9:30 service.  They will meet in the Fellowship Hall upstairs loft for worship.  Parents can pick up their children in the Fellowship Hall following service.  If a child attends Children's Church on a regular basis, parents will be invited to assist on a quarterly basis.


Children's Opportunities

You can become a spiritual leader by serving as one of God's children:

Acolyte                     Choir

Praise Dancer            Greeter

Liturgist                    Music

Usher                        Worship Leader

Ambassador Of Christ Parking Lot Ministry


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